About Us



Hwa-Rang Taekwondo is dedicated to fitness, family, and education. Our training emphasizes setting and attaining goals, and reaching maximum potential. Students are not in competition with one another; rather, each student is always encouraged to do their best both outside the school and within. We teach and emphasize the following core principles: discipline, respect, patience, confidence, concentration, persistence, and determination.


Taekwondo is much more than a sport, it is a philosophy. The ultimate goal of Taekwondo is self-improvement through the disciplining of the mind and conditioning of the body. The specialized training develops concentration and confidence while emphasizing respect and responsibility. It expands aerobic capacity, strengthens and tones muscles, increases flexibility, and improves coordination and balance.


What We Offer

  • Forms (Poomsae)

  • Olympic-Style Sparring

  • Board Breaking

  • Self-Defense & Grappling

  • After School Program

  • Summer, Winter, & Spring Camps

  • Ninja Night for Kids

  • Birthday Parties

  • Meditation Classes

  • Weapons Seminars

  • Workshops for Families

  • Group Hikes & More